To celebrate the start of my brand new Official YouTube Channel, I am making a music video for the song, “For A Friend”. 

One of the hardest things about the recent pandemic situation is missing our friends, especially those who live far away. 

What I’d like from you is a photo of you and a dear
friend, along with a story/episode about your friendship, or anything else you’d like to say about that person.

We will choose as many photos as possible to include in the video, but even if your photo is not chosen, prior to the music video premiere, I will be doing Instagram and YouTube livecasts where I will show pictures and read your episodes. 

Of course these livecasts will be interactive and we can chat in real time about what makes these friendships so important. I`m so curious about your stories and I’m sure they will be fascinating. I’m sure I will fit in lots of as much guitar playing as well…

To enter, please send your photo and story to <> –OR– post your photo and story to your social media with the hashtag #ForAFriendVideo  

Sometimes it`s hard to tell your friends directly how much you appreciate them. This Christmas, why not show your friends how you feel about them in this unique video?

As always thank you for your support!

Please be sure to read the notes and application rules below! 

1. Black and white or color photos are OK. 
2. Group photos, or photoshopped composite photos will not be accepted.
3. Photos should be horizontal, and better quality will result in better chance of selection. Preferably 1280×980 pixel or higher
4. JPEG and PNG are OK. Videos will not be accepted.
5. Trimming, correction, and processing may be performed on our end for inclusion in the video.
6. Please be sure to keep the story of the photo within 200 words. 
7. The application deadline is November 30, 2021 (8:00 pm JPN time)

9. Please note that by sending your photo and story, that you are aware of and agree to the terms that the artist, management, and production company are not responsible in any way for anything whatsoever that happens as a result of the video, and no claims may be made by any person pictured in the photo. The photos used in this video will be chosen by the recruiting company, affiliated companies, and the artist. There is no guarantee that your photo or story will be used and there will be no notification to the sender in regards to its use. We cannot answer inquiries. Once used in this video, the photos cannot be modified, changed or canceled for any reason. Thank you for your understanding in advance.